Kathie Glass - Houston Liberty Forum - January 17, 2014 with Ben Swann

Fox 7 - Austin: Kathie Glass Joins Race for Governor


Fox 3 - Texoma: Kathie Glass Runs for Governor


DEBATE:  Click here to see October 19 gubernatorial debate at KLRU in Austin that Kathe Glass dominated.   "Kathie Glass seemed to steal the show . . ."  AP.   "White was often upstaged by Houston Libertarian Kathie Glass."  Bud Kennedy, Fort Worth Star-Telegram.  "Kathie Glass was the action."  Ken Herman, Austin American-Statesman.

The Best Single Short Video By Kathie Glass:   KHOU Belo It's Your Time Video

Here it is on Youtube:

Here, in two parts is an interview of Kathie Glass done as part of the Austin Tea Party Patriots virtual debate and being broadcast on Phonoscope in Houston:

October 29, 2010:  Coverage of Kathie Glass on Houston's ABC 13 KTRK:

October 29, 2010:  The Kathie Glass excerpt on Houston's NBC Click2Houston Straight Talk.

Kathie was in a League of Women Voters gubernatorial debate in Houston on October 3:

      Click here to see the Oct 3 Houston LWV debate video

Kathie was in a League of Women Voters debate / candidate forum with Bill White in Kerrville on July 5, 2010:

Watch live video from KVHC on

Kathie plans a series of Deskside Chat videos during the campaign.  Here is the first one:


September 4, 2010:  Kathe Glass speaks to the Nullify Now conference in Fort Worth:


August 28, 2010:  Kathie Glass talks about values to the San Marcos 912 group at their Restoring Honor Rally.  She talked about the impact on her life of the death of her Uncle Claude Youngblood in the Normandy invasion and the importance of keeping faith with his sacrifice:


YouTube of Kathie Glass in San Marcos

September 2, 2010:  Coverage of Kathie Glass in Wichita Falls:

        KFDX 3 News - NBC

        KAUZ NewsChannel 6 - CBS

August 21, 2010:  Coverage of Kathie Glass in Lubbock:

         KJTV Fox 34 - Lubbock

         KCBD NBC 11 - Lubbock

August 13, 2010:   5:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. coverage of Kathie Glass in Midland /Odessa:

          KMID ABC Big 2 - Midland-Odessa

August 6, 2010:  Coverage of Kathie Glass in Tyler:

          KYTX CBS 19 - Tyler

July 15, 2010:  Coverage of Kathie Glass in Beaumont:

         KBTV Fox 4 - Beaumont

Kathie was on the morning show on KVHC on July 6, 2010:


Kathie's Intro and Closing Statement at the Dallas Libertarian Party Gubernatorial Debate in February, 2010 at SMU:


See more from the February, 2010 Dallas Libertarian Party gubernatorial debates futher down.


Kathie's speech on April 15, 2010 on the Texas Capitol steps in Austin to the Texans for Accountable Government (TAG) LiberTEA Party:

Part 1 of 2


Part 2 of 2:



Kathie was the Libertarian Party of Texas' nominee in 1982 for Attorney General.  Here, in four parts, is the Texas Attorney General Debate that year with Democrat Jim Mattox and Republican Bill Meier:






The rest of the clips from the February, 2010 Dallas Libertarian Party gubenatorial debates:






Audience Questions No. 1:

Audience Questions No. 2:
Audience Questions No. 3:
Kathie's opponents for the Texas Libertarian Party Gubernatorial Nomination:
Steve Nichols:
Jeff Daiell:
Ed Tidwell: