I am Kathie Glass.  I love liberty, Texas, the Constitution, and America.  I am a Texan, patriot, wife, mother, lawyer, self-made woman, business owner -- like you, I am lots of things.  But the most important thing about me is not what I am but what I want to be, and why.    

I want to be the next governor of Texas because every thing that I love is under attack by an increasingly tyrannical federal government with no effective resistance.  We will lose it all if we do not act, quickly and effectively. 

Washington is broken, and the two party system is corrupt -- corrupted by cronyism and special interests.  Neither will fix itself.  And neither can be reformed from within. 


Because Washington is broken. The only entity powerful enough to defeat this tyranny is TEXAS -- but only with the right governor.

We live in a surveillance state that could easily turn into a police state.  If we let America become a police state, liberty dies around the world and for a very long time -- maybe forever, but certainly for our lifetimes.  As Ronald Reagan said, "America is freedom's last stand."  To that I add, "Texas is America's last stand." 

This emphasis on Texas does not mean that we are turning our back on America; just the opposite.  We're taking our country back, one state at a time, starting with Texas.


If you love liberty, Texas governor is the most powerful office on the face of the earth.  Only Texas -- led by someone with the right vision, plan, and guts -- can effectively push back on Washington. 

Anyone who fails to comprehend the incredible power -- and responsibility -- of a Texas governor to fight against federal tyranny, he (and she) should not be seeking the office, and Texas voters should not give it to him (or her).  


Because the two party system is corrupted by special interests.

The hypothesis that liberty can be achieved within the Republican Party has been tested in Texas for two decades.  The hypothesis has failed.  For 20 years, every statewide officeholder has been a Republican.  Republicans control both branches of the legislature, with super majorities at times.  Yet, we have less, not more, freedom.  Texas has higher taxes, more debt, greater spending, increased assault on our property rights to land and water, more regulation and bureaucracy, fewer civil liberties, more corruption and cronyism, and far more unconstitutional federal oppression with no effective opposition. 

Republicans may tell Texans what they want to hear, but when in charge they always deliver for their special interest masters.  If we are to save our Constitution, our liberty, our state, and our country, we have to chart a new course -- away from Washington and outside the corrupt two party system.


The most important issue in this governor's race is who will nullify unconstitutional federal acts.   The answer is clear: only I will do so.  Greg Abbott's disastrous "Goliad" approach of suing the federal government is offensive to the Texas "Come and Take It" spirit.  To willingly surrender your sovereignty and therefore your fate to the very tyrant you are fighting will get you massacred almost every time. If the Supreme Court was going to enforce our Constitution, we would have seen some evidence of that by now.  

I am the only person in this race with the vision of the collapse and tyranny that is coming, a plan for how Texas stays strong and free when that time comes, and the guts to see it through.  If I don't become Texas governor, it really doesn't matter which one of the other two does, because America will die and take Texas and liberty with it with Greg Abbott OR Wendy Davis as Texas governor.  


Click on the tab labeled "Plan for Texas Independence" (hint: it's not secession!) for more details about how Texas can weather the coming hard times to emerge stronger and more free than ever as the sovereign and independent state that we are.

I want to be Texas governor to unite Texans to do again what Texans have done before -- defeat a federal tyrant and change the course of history!